How to apply family iqama for dependents

Procedure for Obtaining Family Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Upon arrival of your family in Saudi Arabia on a permanent family visa, it is imperative to initiate the process for obtaining Iqama for all your dependents.

Required Documents Compile the following documents into a single PDF file for the family iqama procedure:

  • Separate Iqama form for each dependent.
  • Medical Insurance from the same company as the family head.
  • Payment of the Dependent Fee (SR 400/dependent/month after the initial 90-day free period).
  • Digital Iqama + Passport copy of the sponsor.
  • Pictures of each dependent.
  • Passport copies of the dependents.
  • Saudi Visa copies of dependents.
  • Passport page with the arrival stamp.
  • Passport page with the border number.

Application Process

Step 1: Apply for Family Iqama

  • Log in to your Absher account.
  • Navigate to “Services” > “Passports” > “Tawasul”.
  • Click on “New Request” and configure the settings as follows:
  • Change the language to Arabic.
  • Sector: خدمات للمقيمين داخل المملكة
  • Service: إضافة – فصل تابع
  • Request Description: Include border numbers of all dependents; specify unmarried status for daughters above 18.
  • Attach the compiled PDF file.
  • Ensure the PDF file name has no special characters.

Step 2: Print the Iqama

  • Await notification of request approval.
  • Log in to your Absher account.
  • Access “General Services” > “Passports” > “Tawasul” > “Inquire for Requests”.
  • Upon approval, visit the Jawazat office with:
  • Print of the Tawasul request.
  • All aforementioned documents.
  • Book a Jawazat Appointment via “Resident Services”.
  • Check and correct details if necessary at the designated counter.

Iqama for Sponsorees

If your spouse and children accompany you to Saudi Arabia without a permanent family visa:

  • Children will be registered as dependents.
  • Spouse as a sponsoree.
  • Additional fees apply:
  • SR 2,000 for visa issuance for dependents.
  • SR 500 for Iqama issuance for the sponsored.

Payment Process

  • To pay the new Iqama issuance fee:
  • Download the SNB bank application.
  • Log in to your internet banking account.
  • Select “SADAD” > “Government Payments & Refunds”.
  • Choose “Alien Control” as the biller.
  • Service: Issue New Iqama.
  • Enter Border Number, Employer ID (family head’s Iqama number), Iqama duration (12 months), and Job Category (Relatives/Family Visa).

Late Issuance Fine

  • No fee for family Iqama or correction of information.
  • A fine of SR 1,000 is applicable if the Iqama is not processed within 3 months.