How to issue final exit visa for dependents outside KSA?

Final Exit Visa Process for Dependents


Issuing a final exit visa for dependents outside Saudi Arabia involves specific procedures. Here’s how to navigate the process:

Need for Final Exit for Dependents

  • Cancelling the Iqama of dependents outside Saudi Arabia is essential to avoid paying dependent fees and ensure the renewal of the sponsor’s Iqama.
  • If the head of the family is also leaving Saudi Arabia in the same year, dependents’ final exit visas will automatically be issued alongside the sponsor’s visa.
  • Notably, the 3-year ban for not returning on an exit re-entry visa does not apply to dependents.

Step 1: Gather Requirements in PDF

  • Prepare a PDF file for each dependent with the following documents:
    1. Expired Exit Reentry Visa
    2. Dependent’s Iqama
    3. Dependent’s passport
    4. Iqama copy of the head of the family
    5. Passport copy of the head of the family

Step 2: Request Final Exit for Dependents

  1. Access Absher Account
  • Log in to your Absher account at Absher Portal.
  1. Navigate to Services
  • Click on the “Services” tab under “My Services.”
  • Select the “Passports” option.
  • Choose “Tawasul.”
  1. Initiate New Request
    • Click on the “New Request” button.
  2. Provide Request Details
    1. Change the page language to Arabic.
    2. Set Sector to “البلاغات” (Complaints).
    3. Choose Service as “بلاغ خرج ولم يعد” (Exit Complaint).
    4. Describe your request and include the dependent’s Iqama number.
    5. Attach the prepared PDF file.
      • Ensure the PDF file name is one word without spaces and without special characters.
  3. Submit Request

Step 3: Check Request Status

  • Log in to your Absher account.
  • Navigate to “Services” under Family Members.
  • Select “Visa Services.”
  • Review the list of dependents. If a dependent is removed from the list, it indicates that the final exit visa has been issued.