How to apply for a Housemaid visa in Saudi Arabia?

Exploring Maid Services in Saudi Arabia

Cost Consideration and Visa Preference

  • The expense associated with hourly maid services prompts individuals to seek housemaid or khadama visas in Saudi Arabia.

Hiring Process for Hourly Maid Service


  • Suitable Iqama
  • An expatriate must possess a suitable Iqama to apply for a housemaid or Khadama visa.
  • However, the definition of a suitable Iqama lacks clarity as there’s no official list of eligible professions for hiring housemaids.
  • Saudi nationals do not require a suitable Iqama.
  • Marital Status
  • Male applicants for the housemaid or Khadama visa must be married, while there’s no such condition for females.

Salary/Bank Balance Requirement:

  • For a Saudi family, up to 5 domestic visas are permitted.
  • Expatriate families and Saudis married to expatriates can have up to 2 domestic visas.
  • First Housemaid Visa:
      • Minimum Salary: SR 10,000/month
      • Minimum Bank Balance: SR 35,000
  • Second Khadama Visa:
      • Minimum Salary: SR 18,000/month
      • Minimum Bank Balance: SR 120,000
  • Third and Fourth Khadama Visa:
      • Minimum Salary: SR 30,000/month
      • Minimum Bank Balance: SR 250,000
  • Fifth Housemaid Visa:
      • Minimum Bank Balance: SR 500,000 kept for at least 6 months.

Applying for a Housemaid Visa

  • Numerous agencies in Saudi Arabia facilitate the procurement of housemaid visas.
  • Interested individuals must engage with these agencies to initiate the visa application process.

Agencies Providing Housemaids:

  • While there’s no exhaustive list available, personal contacts or regional resources can provide information on such agencies.
  • A self-prepared list of some agencies in Dammam, Jubail, and Yanbu regions can be found here.

Required Documents:

  • Submission of necessary documents is followed by visa confirmation.
    1. Introduction letter
    2. Statement of need for a housemaid
    3. Iqama copy
    4. Passport copy
    5. Two photos
    6. Bank statement of 6 months

Cost and Legal Considerations

  • Upon receiving permission from Maktab Al-Istiqdam, the cost for applying for a maid visa is SR 2,300, totaling around SR 10,000 with agency fees and ticket expenses.
  • Understanding domestic workers’ laws in Saudi Arabia is imperative before proceeding with the visa application process.

Rights of Domestic Workers