3-year ban for moving without exit from Saudi Arabia

Understanding the Exit Reentry Visa Rules in Saudi Arabia


Navigating the regulations surrounding exit reentry visas is crucial for expatriates in Saudi Arabia. Here’s a breakdown of the rules and exceptions:

3-Year Ban for Violations

  • Expatriates failing to return within the exit reentry visa’s validity face a 3-year ban from re-entering Saudi Arabia.
  • Decision No. 825, issued in 1395, imposes a fine of SR 10,000 for contract violations alongside the ban.
  • The ban begins two months after the exit reentry visa’s expiry date.

Exceptions to the Rule

  • The ban doesn’t apply if the same employer issues the visa to the same employee.
  • Additionally, if the previous employer provides a No Objection Certificate (NOC) endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce and MOFA, the ban is waived.

Dependent Iqama Exemption

  • Dependents holding Iqamas in Saudi Arabia are exempt from the 3-year ban for moving without a final exit.
  • Permanent family visas or family visit visas can be applied for without facing this ban.

Converting Exit Reentry Visa

  • Unfortunately, there’s no direct method to convert an exit reentry visa to a final exit visa while outside Saudi Arabia.
  • However, for dependents, the family head can cancel their Iqamas at Jawazat and reapply for permanent family visas, circumventing the ban.

Entry on New Visa Types

  • Expatriates with ban violations face restrictions on certain visa types:
  • Work Visa: Not Allowed
  • Hajj Visa: Allowed
  • Umrah Visa: Allowed
  • Permanent Family Visa: Not Allowed
  • Family Visit Visa: Not Allowed
  • Business Visa: Not Allowed
  • Tourist Visa: Not Allowed

Travel to Other GCC Countries

  • No hindrance exists for expatriates traveling to other GCC countries on work visas.
  • While a GCC-wide ban for expatriates has been proposed, it’s yet to be implemented.