Apply for Saudi driving license for expat women

Acquiring a Driving License in Saudi Arabia for Expat Women

Expat women residing in Saudi Arabia have the option to either apply for a new driving license or convert their foreign driving license to a Saudi license. Below is a comprehensive guide for both processes.

Apply for a New Saudi Driving License

Appointment at a Saudi Driving School for Women

Assessment Test

  • Undergo an assessment by a driving school instructor to determine required hours of classes.
  • Options include:
  • 5 hours classes for SR 700.
  • 15 hours classes for SR 1,400.
  • 30 hours classes for SR 2,500.
  • If unsatisfied, reapply for assessment after 30 days.

Theory Classes

  • Attend a 4-hour theory class covering driving rules.
  • Take a 30-minute, 40-question computerized test, requiring 70% correct answers.

       Dallah Driving School computer test questions/answers

Practical Training

  • Engage in 6 hours of practical training in a real car within the driving yard.
  • Face a practical driving test upon completion.

Practice on Road

  • Pass the yard test to proceed with 14 hours of road practice, gaining confidence for the Saudi driving license.

Final Driving Test

  • Undergo a final practical test focusing on 16 basic competencies.
  • Passing this test is necessary to obtain a Saudi driving license for expat females.


  • If unsuccessful, attend another 4-hour training session.

Printing the Driving License

  • Obtain the driving license upon passing the final driving test.

Convert Foreign Female Driving License


  • Active Absher account.
  • Muroor appointment with the purpose “Replace of foreign driving licenses – women”.
  • Foreign Driving License with embassy and MOFA attestation.
  • Payment of required fee.
  • Efada Medical Report for Driving License.
  • Digital Iqama.

Visit Traffic Police Office

  • Visit the Saudi Traffic Police Office at the appointed date and time with necessary documents.

Driving Test

  • Depending on the origin of your foreign driving license, a driving test may be waived.
  • In a standard driving test, demonstrate skills through various maneuvers and speed control.
  • Pass the driving test to proceed.

Printing the Driving License

  • Upon passing the driving test, print the Saudi Driving License.

Expat women are not required to surrender their current foreign driving license to obtain a Saudi driving license.