Print exit re-entry visa from Muqeem/Absher

Printing or Downloading Exit Re-Entry Visas for Dependents

Whether for yourself or your dependents, printing or downloading exit re-entry visas is a crucial step for international travel from Saudi Arabia. Below, you’ll find detailed procedures for obtaining these visas through both Absher and the Muqeem website.

Validity Check and Necessity of Print

  • Validity Check: Ensure your exit re-entry visa is valid before traveling.
  • Print Requirement: While exiting KSA, no print of the visa is needed. However, immigration authorities outside KSA require it.

Print Exit Re-Entry Visa – Muqeem

For Both Working-Class Holders and Dependents:

  1. Open the Muqeem website: muqeem.sa.
  2. Choose the method for checking: Iqama Number, Visa Number, Passport Number, Date of Birth, Iqama Expiry Date, or Visa Expiry Date.
  3. Enter the relevant details.
  4. Review the details of the exit re-entry visa on the next page.
  5. Download or print the Muqeem page containing visa details to present to immigration officers.

Print Re-Entry Visa – Absher

For Dependents Only:

  1. Log in to Absher: absher.sa.
  2. Navigate to the “Family Members” tab.
  3. Select “Visa Services” from the options provided.
  4. Click on the “Next” button.
  5. Locate the dependent for whom you wish to print the visa and click on “More Details.”
  6. A drop-down information tab will appear with the option to print the visa.
  7. Click on the “Print Visa” button.
  8. The exit re-entry visa for the selected dependent will appear on your Absher screen.
  9. Print or download the visa for documentation purposes.


  • Exit re-entry visas for working-class Iqama holders cannot be printed through Absher.
  • If you don’t have a printed copy, ensure you have your Iqama with you so immigration officers can verify the visa through the Muqeem website.