How to renew Iqama in Saudi Arabia?

Streamlined Process for Iqama Renewal under New Regulations

With recent updates in Iqama renewal regulations, the process has become more flexible and convenient. Here’s a breakdown of the new rules and procedures.

New Rules for Iqama Renewal

  1. Early Renewal: Iqama renewal can now be initiated up to 6 months in advance.
  2. Renewal Outside Saudi Arabia: Expats can renew their Iqama even while they are outside the country.
  3. Quarterly Renewal: The Ministry of Labor (MOL) has introduced the option for quarterly Iqama renewal.

Renewal Procedure for 3 Months

Iqama Fee Calculator: Determine the renewal fee using the Iqama fee calculator.

Requirements for Renewal

  • Payment of Iqama Renewal Fee.
  • Payment of Dependent Fee.
  • Payment of Maktab Amal Fee.
  • Valid Health Insurance.
  • Active Professional Membership Account (e.g., SOCPA for Accountants, Marmaris Plus/SCFHS for Medical Staff, SCE for Engineers/Technicians).
  • HIV/AIDS test for nationals of 10 specific countries.

Online Renewal Process

  1. Your sponsor will log in to the Muqeem account.
  2. Visit Muqeem link.
  3. Click on “المعاملات الإلكترونية”.
  4. Select “تجديد الإقامة”.
  5. Enter the security code received on your mobile.
  6. Input the Iqama Number.
  7. Choose the desired renewal duration (3, 6, 9, or 12 months).
  8. Click “Submit” to complete the process.

Verification and Iqama Expiry Check

  • Verify the Iqama expiry date on the Absher account.
  • Visit Jawazat for a new Iqama card if necessary.

Special Cases

  • Renewal for Over 60s: GRO or Kafeel must visit Jawazat for renewal.
  • Renewal Outside KSA: Both expatriate employees and dependents can renew their Iqama while outside Saudi Arabia.

Penalties for Expired Iqama

  • First Time: SR 500 fine.
  • Second Time: SR 1,000 fine.
  • Third Time: Deportation of expatriates.

Renewal for Sons Above 18

  • Submit additional documents to the GRO:
  • Application form.
  • Certificate from college/university.
  • Passport-sized photo of the son.
  • Copies of son’s and father’s Iqama.
  • SR 500 additional fee.

Renewal Without Kafeel

  • Ensure no Huroob status on Iqama.
  • Check eligibility for transferring Iqama without Kafeel.
  • Transfer Iqama to a new employer through Qiwa for renewal.