How to obtain a driving permit in Saudi Arabia?

Requirements for Saudi Driving License

If you have a driving license issued by another country, they do not take the initial test and give you a date for the final test. You need to take the translation of the driving license with you.

However, if you don’t have a driving license from another country, they will give you classes for 30 to 90 hours. 

  • Driving license appointment. 
  • Minimum Age for Saudi driving license: 18 years
  • Copy of your Iqama.
  • Copy of your Passport along with the visa.
  • 4 passport-size photographs.
  • A duly filled form to apply for Driving License.
  • Medical Test for driving license in Saudi Arabia.
  • The payment of the fee for the Saudi Driving License.
  • Translation of the driving license issued by another country.

Saudi Arabia driving license application form

You can download the application form for a driving license in Saudi Arabia, fill it in Arabic, or pay SR 20 to any agent to do the job.




Visit Dallah Driving School

Make sure to reach Dallah Driving School at least 30 minutes before the appointment and take a token. In the first trial, you will get a token that starts with a “B” letter. This token is for the “License check counter.”

First Trial for Saudi Driving License

After this, you need to take your first trial. The trial will have two different queues; you can choose a manual or an automatic car. If you choose an automatic car, you will get a Saudi driving license with the restriction code 1.

Most probably, the guy who is taking the trial will be a Saudi with minimal understanding of English. So, it is better to know some basic Arabic words like Right, Left, Stop, Start, and Reverse.

In the trial, take care of a few things. You should not be hurried; take your time to adjust your seat, side mirrors, back mirror, and steering, and fasten your seatbelt.

If you are successful, he will give you a grade Alif “A,” which means you are ready for the final test. In another case, you will have to attend classes.

Computer Test for the Saudi Driving License

If you are given a grade “A,” you will have to deposit SR 100 for the class for instructions on the Computer Test.

Come to the Dallah Driving School again with the computer class slip and take your test on your turn. Your result will be announced shortly after the test.

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Dallah Driving School Timings and fee

If you fail in the first trial, you must attend classes at Dallah Driving School for the number of hours the test taker assigns. You must pay the fee using your debit or credit card, as they do not accept cash.

  • Dallah driving school fee for 6 hours: SR 690.
  • Dallah driving school fee for 15 hours: SR 1,466.

You can select any time slot for your classes in the official timings or working hours of Dallah driving school.

  • Day Shift: 7:00 am until 12:00 pm
  • Evening Shift: 3:00 pm until 07:00 pm

The fee for Dallah driving school includes training for driving, parking, and reverse parking. You need to finish reverse parking successfully 7 times to clear training.

Once you complete the training, the school will give you a date for the Final test (the reverse parking and computer test). The school will be functional on all working days except Friday.

Collection of Driving License

After passing the driving and computer tests, you can get a driving license. You need to take your file to a counter to submit it. Within a few minutes, your name will be called to collect the license from the window.

If you want to check the originality of your Driving License, please read this article.

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Fee for Saudi Driving License

The total amount of fee you will have to pay for a driving license is as follows;

  • SR 400 for 10 years license. 
  • SR 20 fee to fill driving license application form.
  • SR 100 computer test fee.
  • SR 690 for Dallah driving school fee.
  • Total = SR 1,210.