How to transfer car ownership in Saudi Arabia?

Transferring Car Ownership Online in Saudi Arabia

Now, you can conveniently transfer the ownership of your car online in Saudi Arabia through the Absher account. Here’s a summary of the different stages involved in the vehicle ownership transfer process via Absher.

Checking Car Accident History in Saudi Arabia

Before proceeding with the ownership transfer, it’s advisable to check the car’s accident history in Saudi Arabia.

Requirements for Car Ownership Transfer

Ensure you meet the following requirements to transfer car ownership online using the Absher platform:

  • Both Buyer and Seller must have an Absher account.
  • Buyer’s Iqama number and date of birth.
  • Vehicle Sequence Number.
  • Updated Saudi National Address in Absher.
  • IBAN Number of Seller’s and Buyer’s bank accounts.
  • Vehicle price (ranging from SR 500 to SR 200,000).
  • Car transfer fee of SR 380 in KSA.
  • Valid Fahas (Check Fahas Validity Online).
  • Third-party or comprehensive insurance by the buyer.
  • Expats are allowed to own a maximum of two cars.

Stages of Vehicle Transfer

  1. Payment of Car Transfer Fee:

  • The buyer pays SR 150 car transfer fee through SADAD.
  1. Seller’s Request:

  • The seller initiates a request to sell their vehicle.
  1. Buyer’s Response:

  • The buyer accepts or rejects the car ownership transfer request.
  1. Money Transfer:

  • The buyer transfers money to the Absher bank account.
  1. Vehicle Delivery:

  • The seller delivers the vehicle to the buyer.
  1. Istimara Collection:

  • The buyer collects Istimara (vehicle registration) from the Muroor.

Step 1: Pay Car Transfer Fee in KSA

  • The SR 150 car transfer fee can be paid through Al Rajhi Bank’s application on PlayStore or iTunes.
  • Log in to your internet banking account.
  • Navigate to “Payments” > “Government Payments” > “Motor Vehicle” > “Transfer Owner”.

This initiates the process of transferring car ownership seamlessly through the Absher platform.

Initiating Vehicle Ownership Transfer

To commence the process of transferring vehicle ownership online in Saudi Arabia, follow these steps:

Step 1: Payment of Car Transfer Fee

  • Proceed to the next page and select:

  • Transaction Type: Payment.
  • Current Owner ID: Iqama Number of the current owner.
  • Enter Vehicle Sequence Number.
  • New Owner ID: Iqama Number of the new owner.
  • The system will display the new owner’s name and the SR 150 car transfer fee to be paid.

Step 2: Request Creation by Seller

In this step, the seller initiates a request to sell the vehicle through Absher. Here’s how:

  • Log in to your Absher account.
  • Navigate to the “Vehicles” tab and select “Vehicle Ownership Transfer”.
  • Choose “Seller” and proceed to:
  • Select the car for ownership transfer.
  • Enter the vehicle price and buyer’s Iqama Number.
  • Provide the seller’s IBAN for transaction.
  • Select the region of vehicle sale.
  • Accept terms and conditions to create the request.

Step 3: Acceptance by Buyer

Next, the buyer accepts or rejects the ownership transfer request within one hour:

  • Log in to the Absher account.
  • Access “Vehicle Ownership Transfer” under the “Services” tab.
  • Review and respond to the seller’s request:
  • Accept or Reject the transfer request.
  • Enter the buyer’s IBAN.
  • Confirm the region of vehicle sale.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions for online ownership transfer via Absher.

Completing the Car Ownership Transfer Online via Absher

Here’s a detailed guide to completing the transfer of car ownership in Saudi Arabia through the Absher account:

Step 4: Payment Processing

  • The Absher system displays a designated bank account for payment, belonging to Absher itself.
  • The buyer must make the payment within 72 hours of accepting the ownership transfer request.
  • Payments are not processed during non-banking hours.
  • The car transfer fee of SR 230 is included in the total price.

Step 5: Vehicle Delivery

  • After successful payment, both buyer and seller await an SMS confirmation from Absher.
  • The seller logs in to their Absher account to initiate vehicle delivery:
  • Navigate to the “Vehicles” tab and select “Vehicle Ownership Transfer”.
  • Confirm that the buyer has made full payment and proceed to “View Request”.
  • Click on “Proceed to Vehicle Delivery”.
  • The buyer receives an OTP (One-Time Password) via SMS, which the seller enters into their Absher account to complete the delivery.
  • Ensure the OTP is provided to the seller only after receiving the vehicle.
  • Upon delivery, the payment is released from the Absher account to the seller.


By following these steps, you have successfully completed the online process for transferring car ownership in Saudi Arabia through the Absher account. Absher will transfer the payment to the seller’s bank account within 2 hours.

Step 6: Collecting the Istimara

To collect the Istimara after transferring car ownership, follow these steps:

  • Schedule a Muroor Appointment:
  • Book an appointment with Muroor for the purpose of “طباعة رخصة سير مركبة”.
  • Visit the Traffic Police Station:
  • Visit the traffic police station with your Iqama.
  • Collect the New Istimara:
  • Collect the new Istimara from the traffic police station.
  • Optional Postal Delivery:
  • Alternatively, you can request postal delivery of the new Istimara.

Transfer of Car Ownership from Bank

If you have leased a car from the bank and wish to transfer the ownership, follow these steps:

  • Ensure Valid Fahas.
  • Buy Insurance in Buyer’s Name:
  • The buyer purchases insurance in their name.
  • Clear Dues with the Bank:
  • Pay off all outstanding dues to the bank.
  • Submit Required Documents:
  • Submit all necessary documents for the car ownership transfer to the bank.
  • Pay Transfer Fee:
  • Pay the transfer fee, typically around SR 525, to the bank.
  • Receive Istimara:
  • You will receive the Istimara within 2 weeks of submitting the request to the bank.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding car ownership transfer in Saudi Arabia:

  • Car Ownership Limitation:
  • A Saudi citizen can own as many cars as desired, while expatriates are limited to owning only 2 cars at a time in Saudi Arabia.
  • Transfer to Family Members:
  • To transfer car ownership to your son or other family members, follow the same procedure outlined above.
  • Driving Spouse’s Car:
  • In KSA, a wife can drive her husband’s car without transferring the title. However, ensure she is registered as an additional driver on the insurance policy.