How to open a new account in SNB Alahli Bank?

Opening SNB Alahli Bank Account Online


  • Valid Iqama with at least 30 days validity.
  • Absher Account.
  • National Address Registration.
  • Saudi Mobile Number registered on your Iqama.


Page 1: Personal Details

  1. Open the NCB online account opening form.
  2. Enter Iqama Number, Date of Birth, and Mobile Number.
  3. Agree to terms and conditions and proceed.
  4. Enter verification code sent to your mobile.
  5. Authenticate identity on Nafaz page using Absher credentials.

Page 2: Address Details

  1. Enter Place of Birth.
  2. National Address will be fetched automatically.
  3. Provide Additional Contact Number.

Page 3: Home Address Details

  1. Fill in Home Country complete address and Phone Number.

Page 4: Occupation Information

  1. Enter Educational Level, Occupation, Job Title, Iqama Profession, Employer, and Date of Joining.

Page 5: Financial Details

  1. Enter Income details including Source, Payment Method, Primary and Additional Income.

Page 6: Purpose Details

  1. Specify the purpose of opening the bank account.
  2. Answer additional questions related to account usage.

Page 7: Confirmation Page

  1. Review entered details.
  2. Submit form and note down IBAN and Account Number.
  3. Set up username and password for internet banking.

Print Mada ATM Card via Self Service:

  1. Visit nearest Al Ahli Self-Kiosk Machine.
  2. Select English Language and “Debit Card” option.
  3. Choose “through National ID/Iqama” and enter details.
  4. Scan right-hand index finger for verification.
  5. Select desired name for Mada Debit/ATM card.
  6. Confirm and wait for card to be printed.

Note: If any errors occur during printing, visit the branch for assistance.