How to get Efada Medical report for driving license?

Obtaining a Medical Test Report for a Saudi Driving License

Before applying for or renewing a driving license in Saudi Arabia, you must acquire a medical test report from an Efada-approved hospital. Here’s a detailed explanation of the process along with a list of approved medical test centers and hospitals across various cities in Saudi Arabia:

1. Visit the Medical Test Center

  • Choose an Efada-approved hospital or center from the provided list.
  • Ensure you have the following documents:
  • Sponsor ID.
  • Original Iqama (residence permit).
  • Original Driving License.
  • 2 recent photographs.
  • Be prepared to pay the medical test fee, which amounts to SR 150 + VAT.

2. Efada Medical Test Procedure The Efada medical test for driving licenses consists of three stages:

Blood Samples

  • Upon registration, your blood sample will be taken to determine your blood group, which will be printed on your driving license.

Eye Test

  • Proceed to another room for an eye test, where you’ll be assessed for color differentiation (red and green).
  • Your ability to see properly with or without glasses (if worn) will also be evaluated.
  • If your eyesight is weak, you may receive a Saudi driving license with restriction code 3.

General Checkup

  • Complete a general checkup with a doctor who will assess your overall health.

3. Check Driving License Medical Report

  • Unfortunately, there is no online platform to directly check the results of the Efada medical report for a driving license.
  • Once you pass the eye and blood tests, the staff will update your Efada medical report to the Absher system.
  • You’ll receive an SMS notification from seha.sa once the report is updated in the Absher system.

4. Applying for a Driving License

  • Upon receiving the SMS notification, you can proceed to apply for a driving license, renew an existing license, or replace a lost or damaged license.

List of Efada-Approved Medical Test Centers

  • Refer to the provided list of approved medical test centers for driving licenses across various cities and regions in Saudi Arabia, including Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and others.

By following these steps and visiting an approved medical test center, you can obtain the necessary medical report to proceed with your Saudi driving license application or renewal seamlessly.