How to bring an infant to Saudi Arabia?

You’ll be able bring your infant child to Saudi Arabia either with an on-arrival visa or by applying for the visa through the Saudi international safe haven. We have clarified both of the methods underneath.


You’ll be able bring your infant infant to Saudi Arabia as it were in the event that all the underneath conditions are met;

  • The child must be less than 12 months ancient.
  • Both guardians have a substantial Iqama.
  • The mother contains a substantial exit reentry visa.

On-Arrival Visa for the Infant Child

In case you meet the above-mentioned pre-conditions, your child can get an on-arrival visa at any universal air terminal in Saudi Arabia. Make beyond any doubt that the mother is having the taking after records with her;

Required Archives for the on-arrival visa

  • Infant baby’s birth certificate.
  • Infant baby’s inoculation card.
  • Iqama duplicate of the guardians.
  • Visa duplicates of the guardians.
  • Substantial Exit Reentry Visa of the mother.

Vital Rules

  • It is way better to book the flight through Saudi Aircrafts or at slightest through any other carrier of the Inlet as they know the rules to bring a infant infant to Saudi Arabia on an on-arrival visa.
  • Once you arrive in Saudi Arabia, the movement officer will check the above-mentioned records and stamp the visa.
  • The visa is consequently connected with the father’s Iqama. In case the spouse could be a working woman, she can specify it to the Jawazat officer to connect the visa of the infant to her Iqama (discretionary).
  • The on-arrival visa for the infant child is free.
  • Apply for the Iqama of the infant.

Applying for a Visa for the Infant Child

On the off chance that you meet the above-mentioned pre-conditions, you’ll be able bring your infant child to Saudi Arabia by applying for a visa through the Saudi International safe haven.

Required Reports

  • Infant Baby’s unique international id.
  • Infant Child Birth Certificate validated by the Service of Outside Undertakings.
  • Infant Baby’s Immunization Card.
  • Infant Baby’s 2 photographs with a white foundation.
  • Mother’s unique international id.
  • Mother’s substantial exit reentry visa.
  • Iqama duplicates of guardians.
  • Father’s international id duplicate.
  • The total address of the father’s boss in Saudi Arabia.
  • Absher paper with Iqama expiry (both father and mother).

Vital Rules

  • You’ll have to be pay a expense of around SR 100 to stamp the visa on the infant baby’s visa.
  • Once the visa is stamped, your child can travel to Saudi Arabia inside the legitimacy of the visa.
  • Apply for the Iqama of the infant.

Lasting Family Visa for infant infant

In the event that the mother has as of now stamped the changeless family visa on her international id and the child is born afterwardyou may need to take after this method to stamp a lasting family visa for a infant infant in Saudi Arabia.

  • No got to apply for a modern visa in Saudi Arabia.
  • Yield a unused application to the Saudi Government office through an specialist for stamping the infant baby’s visa.
  • Join the mother’s visa where the changeless family visa is as of now stamped.

Family Visit visa for infant infant

In case the mother has as of now stamped the family visit visa on her visa and the child is born afterwardyou may have to be take after this method to stamp a visit visa for a infant child in Saudi Arabia.