How to book Muroor appointment with Absher?

Booking a Muroor Appointment via Absher

If you need to visit a traffic police station or Muroor office in Saudi Arabia, it’s essential to book an appointment through your Absher account. Here’s how you can do it:


  1. Log in to Absher: Access your Absher account at https://www.absher.sa/.

  2. Navigate to Appointments: Scroll down and click on the “Appointments” tab.

  3. Select Traffic Service: Choose “Traffic” from the options displayed.

  4. Proceed to Service: Click on “Proceed to Service” to continue.

  5. Book New Appointment: On the next screen, click the “Book New Appointment” button.

Selecting Appointment Details:

This step is crucial as you need to specify:

  • Purpose of the appointment.
  • Region in KSA.

Appointment Purposes:

Choose from various purposes such as:

  • Renewal of driving license.
  • Vehicle registration license procedures.
  • Issuing a vehicle license for a damaged/lost.
  • Visiting the office of the Director of the General Traffic Department, and more.

Selecting City and Time:

  • Choose the city for the Muroor appointment.
  • Select a suitable time slot from the available green slots.


  • The system will display the list of required documents and the appointment date and time.
  • Click on “Confirm Appointment Details” to finalize the booking.

Cancellation and Modification:

  • If you’re unable to make it to the appointment, it’s advisable to cancel it promptly.
  • To cancel, log in to Absher, go to Appointments, select Traffic, and click on “Cancel.”
  • Confirm the cancellation.
  • To change the appointment, follow similar steps but select the “Update” button and then “Edit Complete Appointment.”

By following these steps, you can efficiently book, cancel, or modify your Muroor appointment through Absher, ensuring a smooth process for your visit to the traffic police station or Muroor office.