How to alter picture on Iqama?

Ways to Update Picture on Iqama


In Saudi Arabia, there are procedures to update the photo on your Iqama (residency permit), catering to both children and adults. Here’s a breakdown of the processes:

Why Change the Picture?

  • Upon entering Saudi Arabia, your picture is captured by immigration officers. However, despite the passage of years, the photo on your Iqama remains unchanged.
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  • An updated photo ensures smooth identification at various government offices.

Changing Photo on Iqama for Children

  • For newborns, photos provided during the Iqama application process remain unchanged for several years.
  • A new system allows for photo updates for children when traveling outside Saudi Arabia, especially if the old photo significantly differs from their current appearance.
  • If the immigration officer doesn’t comply, there’s an alternative method.

Changing Photo on Iqama for Adults + Kids

To update the photo on your Iqama, follow these steps:

  1. Book Jawazat Appointment
  • Use the Resident Services option.
  1. Fill Out Form
  • Include the request to change the photo.
  1. Prepare Necessary Documents
  • Have your passport with you.
  1. Visit Counter
  • Approach the officer with a camera.
  1. Provide Details
  • Present your Iqama and explain your purpose.
  1. Identity Confirmation
  • The officer will take your fingerprints for identity verification.
  1. Capture New Photo
  • The officer will capture a new picture.
  1. Finalization
  • Proceed to another counter to print your updated Iqama.

These steps ensure an updated and accurate photo on your Iqama, facilitating smoother interactions with governmental institutions.