Get a driving permit arrangement in Saudi Arabia

In arrange to apply for a driving permit in Saudi Arabia, you would like to book an arrangement. Here is the method;

  • Get a driving license in Saudi Arabia.

Book a license appointment

You’ll make an arrangement for a driving permit in Saudi Arabia utilizing your Absher account. To do it;

  • Log in to your Absher account
  • Tap on the “My Services” tab.
  • Select “Traffic” from the modern screen.
  • Tap on the “Issue Driving License.”

On the next screen;

  • Select “Proceed to Service.”
  • Click the “Book New Appointment” button.
  • Select التدريب في مدارس تعليم القيادة: تقييم القيادة لمن لديه مهارة (متقدم – متوسط – مبتدئ) for driving license test.

Now you must select the city where you want to book the appointment;

  • Select the time for the appointment from the available green slots.
  • The system will show you the list of required documents and the date and the time; click on “Confirm Appointment Details.”

Congratulations, you have successfully booked the appointment for a driving license in Saudi Arabia.

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