How to pay for local Hajj fee in Saudi Arabia?

Payment Procedure for Local Hajj Registration:

Introduction: After booking for the local Hajj in Saudi Arabia, it’s imperative to promptly pay the fee through SADAD within a few hours to confirm the Hajj permit. Here’s how to pay through NCB and Al Rajhi banks:

How to Apply for Local Hajj Registration:

Al Rajhi Bank: To pay the local Hajj fee through Al Rajhi Bank, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Application:

  • Download the Al Rajhi Bank application from PlayStore or iTunes.
  1. Log in to Internet Banking:

  • Log in to your internet banking account using the application.
  1. Access Payment Section:

  • Click on the three dots located on the left-upper corner.
  1. Navigate to Payments:

  • Select “Payments” from the menu.
  1. Initiate Payment:

  • Click on the “One Time Payment” button.
  1. Select Category:

  • Under “Government Services”, choose “161 Ministry of Hajj and Umrah”.
  1. Enter SADAD Number:

  • Input the provided SADAD number for the local Hajj registration.
  1. Confirm Payment:

  • Confirm the payment to complete the transaction.
  1. Congratulations:

  • Upon successful confirmation, you have completed the payment for the local Hajj registration fee.

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Hajj Packages for 2022: Saudi Arabia has introduced three packages for local Hajj registration for the year 2022:

  1. Hospitality 2 (Camps):

  • Cost: SR 10,239 + 15% VAT = SR 11,775.
  1. Hospitality 1 (Camps):

  • Cost: SR 13,044 + 15% VAT = SR 15,000.
  1. Towers (Mina):

  • Cost: SR 14,738 + 15% VAT = SR 16,949.